Bush encroachment happens when a piece of land has too many trees. These trees will consume all the nutrients and water in the soil and stop other plants from growing.

Overgrazing of pastures happens when there are too many animals on a piece of land that consume and trample all the beneficial plants. This causes food in the soil to disappear and lead to undesired grasses and weeds consuming grazing areas.

  • Monteviro-Imvelo offers management services in the case of bush encroachment where a survey is done on the density of trees and shrubs in an area. Certain plants are then identified and removed to allow other plants the opportunity to grow.
  • In the case of overgrazing, Monteviro-Imvelo offers a pasture rehabilitation service. This entails consultation with the land-owner on the type of desired plants required. These plants are then introduced using various methods including mechanical and/or chemical control of undesired grasses and weeds in a process called species switching.