Monteviro-Imvelo strives to be a profitable company which adds value to our stakeholders and the society in which we operate by being an equal opportunity employer and growing in a sustainable manner while delivering services of exceptional quality in the environmental management, industrial cleaning and hygiene services fields.


Building trust, and understanding as well as recognition of individual’s contribution. We respect that our customers have their own problems and priorities and strive to act in a supportive and pro-active manner to overcome misunderstandings or conflicts of interests. We trust and respect our fellow employees.
Focus on high standards, action, results, efficiency and effectiveness and strive to be innovative on a constant basis. We always take responsibility and accountability for the services we render. We demonstrate integrity by constantly striving to deliver optimum value for money to our clients. We negotiate and keep to our target dates. We measure, maintain and finish what we start.
A passion for quality, the customer, meaningful influence and transparency. We consult our customers regularly to determine their needs. In times of conflict we initiate discussions adopting the principle of “THE CUSTOMER IS KING”. We recognise our staff as our most valuable asset and adopt an integrated, supportive and participative management style.

Goals & Objectives

To comply with all relevant local, provincial, national and where applicable international legislation and guidelines governing the industries in which we operate;


  • To render a professional service in the Environmental management, industrial cleaning and sanitation fields at a competitive price;
  • To ensure the best service and quality, saving the client effort, time and money;
  • To maintain the highest ethical standards always;
  • To develop a proud and highly skilled workforce through constant skills development and training.
  • To be an equal opportunity employer;
  • To customise services to the need of every client;
  • To maintain constant safety awareness with employees and clients alike;
  • To ensure quality of service allowing the client to concentrate on its own core business.