Monteviro-Imvelo has a proud history of exceptional SHEQ performance. It has always been our intent to as far as possible create a safe and healthy work environment for our employees by developing systems of hazard and risk identification and control as well as by empowering employees to always take care of themselves and others at work.

Sometimes things go wrong though and in those cases, we are committed to learn from our mistakes and continuously improve our systems and processes.

To this end Monteviro-Imvelo is in the process of implementing the NOSA 5 Star Integrated Safety system to all the work environments under our control, with the aim of implementing international standards in this regard at a later stage.


At Monteviro-Imvelo we recognise that one of our biggest resources is the people that we work with and as such we value their health. It is a well-known fact that a healthy employee is better equipped to perform their duties with more vigour and enthusiasm and to this end we try and make sure that our employees stay in tip-top shape.

To this end all employees who start work at Monteviro-Imvelo are sent for a full base-line medical with an Occupational Health Practitioner before they start work.

The type of medical performed is based on the job description of the employee and includes various tests to measure among others lung function, hearing and eye-sight. The outcome of this baseline medical will determine what duties an employee can and cannot perform.

To ensure that employees stay healthy a yearly medical is done to measure any changes in the employee and make sure that they are still fit for the job at hand.

Further, should an employee leave Monteviro-Imvelo for whatever reason an exit medical is performed.

Throughout the course of their employment Monteviro-Imvelo employees are also given training on various topics including HIV prevention, Basic Nutrition and Basic Health and Hygiene.


Monteviro-Imvelo was founded on the principle of balance. We recognise that the environment in which we operate is probably the most important resource that we have and that to protect it a balance must be struck between the development needs of humans and the world in which they live.

Monteviro-Imvelo’s goal in this regards is to conduct our activities in such a way that respects the natural environment.

To this end we encourage all our clients to plant as many indigenous trees suited to their area of operation as possible. We also advise clients regarding the use of vegetation management programs to minimise the number of Agricultural chemicals needed by clients to ensure the safety and security of their operations.

We undertake to comply with all relevant legislation in terms of the environment that we are subjected to as a business and endeavour to properly manage our consumption of energy and water to minimise our impact in that regard.

The nature of our business is such that not many waste products are created. For the waste that is created we endeavour to recycle as much as possible and undertake to properly manage waste that cannot be recycled.


As a mostly service-based company, quality is very important in our business. Doing the right things right is essential to our survival and given the fact that our industry is heavily regulated and can in some instances generate mixed emotions from clients and the public it is essential for us to be at the top of our game.

To this end, Monteviro-Imvelo has taken the strategic decision to implement the ISO9000 - Quality management system to our operations. The process approach of this system allows us to look at each part of our business as a separate entity while affording us the opportunity to see how these different processes fit together. This bigger picture then allows for the identification of parts of the process that can be improved and fine-tuned to keep abreast of new developments in the industry while also considering changing trends in customer behaviour, socio-economic developments and the like.

The aim ultimately of any Quality management system is to meet and try and exceed customer requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction and generating repeat business. We would go further and add pride here too. Knowing that we have truly done the best we could add a level of joy to what we do which is reward in and of itself.