The applications of technology often result in unavoidable and unexpected environmental impacts, which per the equation is measured as resource use or pollution generated per unit GDP.

Environmental impacts caused by the application of technology are often perceived as unavoidable for several reasons.

Given that the purpose of many technologies is to exploit, control, or otherwise “improve” upon nature for the perceived benefit of humanity while at the same time the myriad of processes in nature have been optimized and are continually adjusted by evolution, any disturbance of these natural processes by technology is likely to result in negative environmental consequences

Monteviro-Imvelo was founded on the principle of balance. We recognise that the environment in which we operate is the most important resource that we have and that to protect it a balance must be struck between the development needs of humans and the world in which they live.

Rehabilitation of Human Impacted Areas can be a daunting task. It focusses on the prevention of soil erosion, the treatment and prevention of alien invasive species, the composition of soil as well as the establishment of an indigenous habitat which is similar to the natural habitat before the impact occurred.

Examples of rehabilitation include:

  • Mining Impacted Areas
  • Fields used for growing crops
  • Overgrazed areas
  • Areas impacted by construction of roads, buildings, dams, railways etc