Weeds can be defined as any plant (even beneficial and indigenous plants) that grow in an area where they are undesirable for whatever reason. Development of industries as well as residential areas will always be subject to vegetation management.

Examples of this are tall grasses in certain industrial areas that must be removed to prevent the risk of fire, certain plants that are removed to improve grazing for livestock as well as the treatment of plants on road verges to prevent damage to roads.

Monteviro-Imvelo offers both mechanical and chemical weed control services to our clients.

  • Mechanical weed control takes place using machinery and/or equipment that cuts away at plant material or works on soil to remove unwanted plants from an area.
  • Chemical weed control takes place using registered herbicides that use different ways of removing plants from an area. Some are contact herbicides, meaning they kill the leaves of the plant. Others are systemic herbicides meaning they are absorbed into the plant through the roots. Still others influence the soil around the plant.

Chemical weed control is a very exact science that should not be undertaken lightly. The wrong application of these chemicals can lead to plant resistance and damage to non-target species of plants as well as general degradation of the environment.

Representatives from Monteviro-Imvelo have been extensively trained and are registered with the Department of Agriculture to apply these chemicals in a safe and environmentally friendly way.