Given that electricity demand in South Africa and the rest of the continent is set to grow extensively in the coming decades, the maintenance of existing infrastructure is very important.

In the coal-fields of Mpumalanga, South Africa there are various coal-fired power stations and industries that burn coal to generate electricity and other products. This process is dependent on well-maintained equipment.

Coal-fired power station make use of boilers among other equipment to generate electricity. The buildup of slag in the boilers’ fire tubes create an insulating effect which causes a substantial loss of heat output. This has a negative effect on electricity generation and causes wear and tear on the boiler itself.

To clear this slag Monteviro-Imvelo uses high-pressure water jets inside the boiler. Outside the boiler, vacuuming and washing is also done to ensure that the boiler keeps functioning properly.

Monteviro-Imvelo is also in the process of introducing the Putzmaus to clean boilers. This device has been touted as one of the best boiler cleaning tools available given that it is very effective and uses less energy.

Soot blowing is another tool used to keep boilers up and running. Soot blowers use steam, water and compressed air to stop slag from building up in the boilers.

Monteviro-Imvelo strives to constantly keep up to date with the latest methods and technologies as well as to expand our service offering in the industrial cleaning field.